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  1. I've been keeping up with Cambridge Analytica news, and BF's posts, just the same as I've been keeping up with the Mueller investigation. I find it just as easy to believe that British intelligence has been interfering with elections and running social media influence operations as Russian intelligence.
  2. lisae

    SEP rally to free Assange

    She's asking Pompeo to brief the incoming Democrat controlled Congress on whether the story was confirmed or not. The response to this letter could very well be "Yes, we asked the Foreign Minister, and he said the story was completely untrue".
  3. Why are you able to accept that British intelligence would interfere in elections, but not that Russian intelligence would? What makes them so different, in your mind?
  4. lisae

    SEP rally to free Assange

    "Did you ask Foreign Minister Valencia to confirm whether Paul Manafort visited Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, including as recently as March 2016, as has been described in media reports?"
  5. lisae

    SEP rally to free Assange

    Part four asks Pompeo: "Did you request that Foreign Minister Valencia confirm whether Paul Manafort spoke to Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno about Julian Assange in Quito, Ecuador in May, 2017?" I'm not sure what you're upset about. The letter is asking that the Democrats be briefed on whether Pomoeo has obtained information confirming, or not, the Manafort meetings. But you're acting as though she's assuming the story was all true. And I'm not sure what part of the letter is pressuring Ecuador to do anything.
  6. lisae

    SEP rally to free Assange

    Have you read the actual letter attached to that tweet?
  7. I really don't give a shit about the goals of whoever you're talking about when you mention the "Resistance". I just care about corrupt politicians being unseated, tried and convicted. If only war crimes were treated just as seriously.
  8. The Russians had leverage over Trump well into his presidency because he, Cohen and others were all lying about the Moscow project right up until Cohen finally admitted the true timeline last month. Trump had been trying to meet with Putin during the campaign to talk about the Moscow project, and had offered Putin the penthouse. He knew all about it.
  9. lisae

    7 Words You Can’t Say On TV???

    Why is this fucked? Derogatory terms are becoming regarded as more offensive than a term for female genitalia. I would hope that in future cunt won't be any more offensive than dick, cock, etc.
  10. It means the contacts between his team and various Russians weren't the usual activity you expect from a campaign/transition team. And the fact they were all lying about it gave the Russians leverage.
  11. This is Trump admitting that he was continuing the Moscow Project negotiations through the election campaign, and it was very legal and very cool.
  12. This article puts the contacts between the campaign team and Russians in context with the Moscow Project timeline: https://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2018/politics/trump-tower-moscow-timeline/index.html
  13. Sure. It also doesn't mention that Erik Prince appears to have been working with Trump on helping to get the Saudis the means to start their own nuclear weapons program.
  14. It is established fact, admitted by Trump publicly, that he was still working on his Trump Tower Moscow deal through the campaign, right up until the DNC hack hit the news. It's not an insinuation, it's known. He was working on this deal when he and his team worked on changing the Republican policy towards Russia at the Republican convention. The Russians knew he was lying when he continually covered up this ongoing business deal, and they were able to hold that lie over him as leverage, because it opened him up to all kinds of legal scrutiny. What's not known is exactly what quid pro quo was going on, and how the hacks and leaks were related to this business deal, or what the eventual legal fallout is going to be. There's also a huge redacted section in the recent Manafort filing that relates to Kilimnik, and it's clear that Manafort has been caught lying about Kilimnik even after he promised to cooperate as part of his now defunct plea deal. You can't sit there and claim the activity between the Trump campaign and transition teams and the Russians were somehow all normal and above board, given what we know.