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  1. Gringo

    Longest Government Shutdown in History

    Not to mention they've got about a million plus people being quietly purged for being the wrong sort of Muslim. Which apparently is a Muslim in China.
  2. Gringo

    Brexit Wrecks it

    Saw an old Tweet that remains evergreen the other day, talking about Corbyn playing 'Cunt chicken' which is to say seeing what's the most sensible policy he can suggest that pricks will still attack him for. In this instance it was ruling out no deal. I fucking hate that the narrative of this entire Tory shitstorm is being manipulated to look like it's all his fault.
  3. Gringo

    Brexit Wrecks it

    There won't be an election. The Tories will win the motion of no confidence and run out the clock.
  4. Gringo

    Tulsi Gabbard 2020

    You've got two presidential elections in the time before the ecosystem collapses so at this point I don't give a fuck who you vote for as long as they recognise the severity of climate change.
  5. Russians did it to us too over Brexit. But that's all in the game cos I remember Obama giving us his two cents and I found that objectionable at the time too.
  6. Regarding everything. As I said I don't expect him to be literally rolling out the red carpet for Russian interests. But trashing the USA in general benefits Russia greatly. I mean shutting the government down over fucking nothing doesn't strike you as odd?
  7. Gringo


    Not entirely sure what people are expecting here. I mean if folks are rioting, and you're dressed in a uniform alongside the rioters, you're placing yourself in danger. We can talk about whether the rioters have a point, and they often do, but you have to accept that part of the process of getting things changed by civil unrest is getting battered by the cops and other useful idiots. Complaining that a policeman is battering people for doing the right thing is like complaining that the sun has come up in the morning. It's their job. If you want the police to treat you like human beings with dignity these days you have to march under a swastika.
  8. Yes. You think the USA is being well run? Look I don't expect the guy to be disbanding the military and helping unload container ships full of Russian tanks at major ports, but he's definitely tanking the country in other ways. Maybe he's tanking the country innocently or by accident because he's a thick fuck who doesn't understand anything about the job, but I wouldn't rule out a man of his proclivities being leveraged. I don't understand the incredulity. Any spy service in the world would kill (and many literally have) to get their hooks into a world leader. And a man like Trump is eminently hookable.
  9. Gringo


    Fucking hell. I think about shit like this whenever somebody says they can't vote for Corbyn because of Brexit or Antisemitism or the IRA or a wreath or whatever. What kind of fucked up monster of a person could think Britain is currently functioning properly.
  10. Gringo


    It's interesting to see how long France can go on like this. In the UK they'd be shooting folks by now.
  11. I want Trump gone. False conviction, heart attack, killed by eagle during photo op, suicide, gets bored and quits, actual conviction, whatever. I Do Not Care How He Goes. But with that in mind, I really hope he's not actually a Russian asset. That would be monumentally bad. Whether he was removed for it or not you don't want the leader of the USA to be a Russian stooge. And we know why too. Yeltsin, the man the USA put in charge of Russia, was a fucking disaster for everybody. If Trump is Russia's version of Yeltsin the consequences could be just as bad.
  12. Yeah there's no way a man of such great character and sharp mind as Donald Trump could find himself compromised by Russian spies. You can't con an honest man.
  13. Gringo


    The bunch of fascist fuckers seem persistent too.
  14. In other news, the FBI have been investigating whether the President of the United States of America is a Russian spy. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/11/us/politics/fbi-trump-russia-inquiry.html If this pans out then it's the absolute worst case scenario. This is a good Twitter thread on it by the way. The ending is interesting because it talks about one of Obama's last Executive Orders. He gave the FBI and CIA access to any NSA findings in matters of counter espionage. The implication clearly being Obama knew what was up and gave the FBI and CIA the tools they would need to get the job done.