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  1. Eid

    Emergency Powers

  2. Eid

    Emergency Powers

    I'm adamantly opposed to this decision, and Lisae is insane. Carry on.
  3. Eid

    The Tax Cut That Wasn't

    Who'dve thunk it... Cosmo decrying the end of the Mommy-Daddy State? I always set up my withholding so I owed the gov't a little or got a very small refund. A refund check is simply a return of tax overpayments that the gov't held without paying any interest. I don't need the gov't to tell me to save funds or not, but evidently Cosmo is all aghast that this "service" is no longer in effect. Ridiculous.
  4. Take out the 'no investigations', immigration and abortion parts, and it wasn't a bad speech. The approval ratings bear this out.
  5. The Dems were cchanting it, too, for at least one moment.
  6. Eid

    Trump tries his own Syria

    And, since I don't hate the President as much as you, I'm obviously a Russian mole. Well played... for the insane crowd.
  7. Eid

    Trump tries his own Syria

    Because they were doing it anyway... they didn't give a fuck and have been cheating the entire time... now they'll have to contend with our missiles being closer than they want, which I kinda think is against their interests.
  8. TAKEN: How police departments make millions by seizing property Anna Lee and Nathaniel Cary and Mike Ellis - The Greenville News In South Carolina, civil forfeiture targets black people’s money most of all, exclusive investigative data shows… The Greenville News and Anderson Independent Mail examined these cases and every other court case involving civil asset forfeiture in South Carolina from 2014-2016. Our examination was aimed at understanding this little-discussed, potentially life-changing power that state law holds over citizens — the ability of officers to seize property from people, even if they aren't charged with a crime. The resulting investigation became TAKEN, a statewide journalism project with an exclusive database and in-depth reporting. It’s the first time a comprehensive forfeiture investigation like this has been done for an entire U.S. state, according to experts. The TAKEN team scoured more than 3,200 forfeiture cases and spoke to dozens of targeted citizens plus more than 50 experts and officials. Additionally, the team contacted every law enforcement agency in the state. This yielded a clear picture of what is happening: Police are systematically seizing cash and property — many times from people who aren’t guilty of a crime — netting millions of dollars each year. South Carolina law enforcement profits from this policing tactic: the bulk of the money ends up in its possession… These seizures leave thousands of citizens without their cash and belongings or reliable means to get them back. They target black men most, our investigation found — with crushing consequences when life savings or a small business payroll is taken. Many people never get their money back. Or they have to fight to have their property returned and incur high attorney fees… Black men pay the price for this program. They represent 13 percent of the state's population. Yet 65 percent of all citizens targeted for civil forfeiture in the state are black males… {Entire Article}
  9. Eid

    Trump tries his own Syria

    US pulls out of Cold War-era nuclear treaty, blaming Russia... yup... just what the Russians want, and how they want it presented 😂
  10. Eid

    Trump tries his own Syria

    I assume it's been brought up, but just to reiterate, Putin is adamantly opposed to what we're doing re: Venezuela, so why is his "puppet" doing it? I know... I know... he has to do something like this from time to time for appearance's sake 🙄
  11. Eid

    White House In Chaos Thread

    Saying they're possibly guilty of crimes, not that they'll swim with the fishes. WTF, Bro... I know you hate the guy, but... really?????
  12. Eid

    White House In Chaos Thread

    I think that's just Cohen's lawyer, Lanny Davis, overreacting because he was in the White House when Jim McDougal and Ron Brown died. See... we can all be wild eyed conspiracy theorists 🤣😜😘
  13. Eid

    White House In Chaos Thread

    Believe it or not, that’s what decides places like PA, OH, Fl, WI, MN, and CO.
  14. Newly in office, I think he actually trusted Ryan and McConnell to come through for him. Now he knows better.
  15. Eid

    Tulsi Gabbard 2020

    She seems pretty moderate, which could probably beat the President in a general election, but will be an almost impossible burden for winning the nomination. She already went on an apology tour for her past on the GLBTQ issue.