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  1. Eid

    7 Words You Can’t Say On TV???

    One, Australia has a much different relationship with “cunt” than the US. Two, as with the context of the South Park usage last night, when we say “fag” in the US, it often has nothing to do with “gay”. Obviously, it has its origins as an anti-gay slur and is still used by a minority that way, but it’s really a generic thing these days, just as we don’t have any thoughts about someone’s proclivity for sex with people who have given birth when we call them a mother fucker.
  2. I can’t believe how fucked we are as a society.... in it’s regular time, which is 9pm Central and 8pm Mountain Times, South Park beeped the word “fags” (or “faggots”... hard to tell exactly because it was beeped,) but openly without a beep said “cunts” a few sentences later in the same scene. Stunning.
  3. You’ve been saying this for 2 years. BREAKING NEWS.... BREAKING NEWS... BREAKING NEWS.... for the past 2 years, and no one serious is talking impeachment. It’s absolutely Crying Wolf. Average Americans are just rolling their eyes
  4. Eid

    Evil Persecution on Parade

    I would, based on her photos... you sure she's Black?
  5. And Brett Kavanaugh voted FOR Planned Parenthood on this case. More Chicken Little/Dem Who Cried Wolf.
  6. Eid

    Bush Snr is dead. Good.

    It was GHWB's transgressions that got me to campaign for Clinton in '92. I'll never forgive him... no revisionism can wipe that away.
  7. Eid

    Mexico border

    I don’t think that’s accurate.
  8. The mountains are awful... no one should come here... everyone stay away 😜
  9. Eid

    Mexico border

    Doesn't international law require that refugees seek asylum in the first safe country they enter? If so, what is lawful about them coming here... shouldn't they be applying for asylum in Mexico?
  10. Eid

    White House In Chaos Thread

    Yes, Dear.
  11. Eid


    No.... when I say character holocaust, I'm saying that you and others not only engage in character assassination of him, but also character assassination of everyone who doesn't hate him as much as you, thus a character holocaust. Yet again, you imply that I love the guy... that I have a screen saver showing my love for him, when I didn't vote for him and wouldn't vote for him today. Because of my second job, I don't say much else in public, just as any rational non-nutjob will concur that I did with Obama while he was in office, but to suggest I'm on Team MAGA is just asinine.