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  1. b*rr

    Meanwhile in Brazil

    Hillary is left?!?
  2. b*rr

    There He Goes Again, Mr. Important

    Hell of a win! Thanks for the heads up on jackpine, it looks good.
  3. b*rr

    Trump/Putin press conference

    Cosmo, Beltaine Fox has been open about his hatred for the US. Who better to destroy us than Trump? That's why BF supports him in all of his infamous glory. It's not about a Donald Trump peace.
  4. I never get tired of Max, I find her delightful and her opinions relevant, colorful, and on target.
  5. What is the single most effective thing we can do to stop this Max, in your opinion?
  6. b*rr

    A Colony Once More

    Thank you for taking the time to outline your situation. For what it's worth, I am totally supportive of Scotland and for you to decide your future.
  7. b*rr

    A Colony Once More

    Is it the case for you as it is for us in the U.S., you have to pull yourselves together and work and fight for your rights, or you just go along with it and complain about it? It's a serious question. I am so disappointed in Americans, including myself. I would like to see you fight for yourselves.
  8. b*rr

    Rosanne cancelled by ABC

    Thank you for answering. What you said about Roseanne is often said about Trump by his supporters and the only way that makes any sense to me is outlined in what I asked above.
  9. b*rr

    Rosanne cancelled by ABC

    By being real do you mean racist or prejudiced? Do you think everyone thinks in racist terms but pretend they're not and therefore are fake or being fake?
  10. b*rr

    Advice please- why is my smartphone so slow?

    Congratulations!!! There is nothing more annoying than having basic tools that don't work well.
  11. b*rr

    There He Goes Again, Mr. Important

    So proud of you, Dave! And thank you for what you do.
  12. No, Beltaine, I don't think you should have posted any specific article, especially one you haven't read, which is why I provided the link. I thought yours was pro trump and I thought The Intercept was more of an analysis and didn't so much have a side. You may be able to read Greenwald's mind but he didn't write the report I linked. I also have no idea about Russia in all of this, I'm not invested either way, although I understand that you are.
  13. I'm curious why you chose Off Guardian's interpretation and opinion rather than The Intercept's analysis. I'm not asking for a wall of text, just a simple answer. https://theintercept.com/2018/02/02/nunes-memo-fisa-trump-russia/
  14. Good piece, Eid. I read The Intercept but not New York magazine, therefore I wouldn't have seen it without a link.
  15. b*rr

    Food For Thought

    Thank you for answering, Jasmine. Since he didn't change your quote, I was puzzled. There have been some surprising and confusing changes in people since the election, in my personal opinion, combined with our conscious or subconscious awareness of diminishing resources. I bring up the latter because I think feeding the hatred for immigrants and refugees serves the purpose of guaranteeing that we're not going to help each other as groups of us begin to die off and are driven by desperation to find a place we believe we have a better chance of survival. You don't help people you hate and you don't care if people you hate die of starvation or disease. (I should have used "one" instead of you because I meant the universal you rather than you personally, but it sounded stiff and pretentious.) Thank you for posting the picture of the polar bear. It's starving not because we hate it but because we don't care. Hatred and apathy are deadly forces and very effective in keeping us blind and not able to see the source of our problems, making it impossible to solve them. This board demonstrates the seeming impossibility of our ability to work together to solve problems so severe that they threaten everyone's survival but it also demonstrates the total effectiveness of divide and conquer and we need to be aware of that. There is very little reason to feel hope but it persists in spite of all evidence to the contrary.