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  1. Wow you are an idiot. The point is to get the LITTLE FISH to attack the BIG ONE. So they take a plea on a minor matter and get immunity on the big case. That's all that black ink on the sentencing report. Mueller is a master at this. And when he moves, he SLICES LIKE A FUCKING HAMMER. You won't have to wait much longer. And when the doom comes, I will be laughing with glee as the piggies squeal. Some interesting leaks just came out giving us a hint of what's under the redactions. Trump ordering Cohen to lie to congress about his Russia contacts. That is most assuredly ILLEGAL. Way more illegal than a mere election law violation. It's the cover-up that'll get you. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/jasonleopold/trump-russia-cohen-moscow-tower-mueller-investigation?bftwnews&utm_term=4ldqpgc#4ldqpgc
  2. The plea deals were to get them to provide evidence of collusion, you demented titmouse. That's why huge chunks of the sentencing memos were blacked out and what was there kept mentioning Trump as "number one"
  3. You really are a nut case, you know that?
  4. Cosmoline

    Longest Government Shutdown in History

    The trade war doesn't help China's instability at all. A few years ago it probably wouldn't have done much to slow the dragon, but now? The word on the street is China is digging in for a massive economic collapse. The government is pushing a xenophobic, nationalist agenda and reviving old Communist era propaganda. They're kicking out all the foreigners as well, making it far more difficult to make a living there as an expat.
  5. Cosmoline

    Longest Government Shutdown in History

    Gods help us if this triggers a consumer debt collapse. Wall Street is still binging on cocaine, and the EU is faltering. Not to mention China's notorious real estate bubble and the impact of the trade war. We could be looking at the perfect storm here.
  6. Yet you JUST SAID: So I guess, now that the pressure on your sanity is mounting, you have decided to create a new group of Russians-who-aren't-Russians. They're "some people from the former Soviet Union." Who, you now speculate, must be HOSTILE to Putin and his real Russia. You're losing it sparky!
  7. Which Trump's closest surviving lawyer JUST DID. I wonder how much longer you're going to keep denying all this. Watching your deflections has been a fascinating, if frustrating, example of the capacity of humans to delude themselves. You're really no different from the Trumpite maniacs who see this as a wrestling match and no longer care about truth. Jr. screams his desire to collude and sets a timeline, but you just push that out of your mind. Or pretend that the phalanx of Russian insiders were really Germans. Hey--maybe they were LIZARD MEN!
  8. Ah, Rudy. First he lets it slip that there were MULTIPLE meetings with the Russians. And now he's conceded that there indeed was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/01/rudy-giuliani-bombshell-collusion-trump-campaign This is going to devolve into the classic Watergate/Iran-Contra scenario. What did Trump know and when did he know it. By which point, we've already won. Unlike Reagan's team, nobody is going to jump on a grenade for Donny. He's a disloyal piece of shit hated by almost everyone who knows him. Once he's in the corner on this, the long knives will plunge and I will be squeeeing with delight. Rudy's concession highlights Trump's problem. Rudy is posturing himself to be able to get out of this mess with at least some of his reputation intact.
  9. No, it's because Trump wasn't sucking German cock or pushing for better relations with Berlin. Quite the opposite, he set himself up as hostile to Germany and NATO in general from an early date. It seems unlikely that Germans were controlling him.
  10. Collusion with Russian oligarchs is still illegal, if a thing of value was received for the campaign without any notification. But I suspect it will go far deeper than that.
  11. This is something you keep repeating. But on what basis? There is no doubt that one or more meetings took place with what turned out to be a room full of Russians with ties to the Putin regime, and that these meetings were set up on the promise that Russia would provide dirt on HC. Trump Jr. eagerly agreed and even told them when he wanted the dirt. Now Sr. claims he knew nothing about this, but he's a well-known liar. Half his campaign leaders were in that meeting, and his idiot son. We even have Sr. OPENLY asking Russia to cough up the emails. We also have evidence of extensive financial and social ties between Trump and Russia. And we have Trump making pro-Putin talking points from the earliest days of his campaign. We don't have Mueller's report, but there has long been more than enough evidence to warrant the investigations. You, however, maintain that the accusations are all completely false and appear to believe it's IMPOSSIBLE that Trump was working with Russians to help his campaign. In other words--you think that a man who OPENLY requested illegal assistance could not have received that assistance. Which marks you as far more than a skeptic. You're a partisan denier.
  12. So you see Trump as a symptom of a movement you want to foster. Even if it means aligning with the worst racist shitstains of the alt right. Correct? I mean you were the one proposing we learn from the alleged alliance between neo-confederate madmen and the far left. So you think that, instead of carpet-bombing the red state racists, we should listen to them and even tolerate their racism in the name of ending neocon/deep state tyranny. Sound about right?
  13. You need to speak for yourself. Do you or do you not admit that Russiagate has served to hurt the Trump administration directly, by removing players and keeping Trump distracted? If if you admit this, why do you oppose it so completely? There's really no reason you can't support Russiagate to the extent it hurts Donald, but seek to limit its impact on Russo-American relations. In such a case you would seek to have prosecutions focused on Americans, including Trump. Because you want him destroyed. Or do you?
  14. My Putin timeline was off, but the pan-slavic nationalism he benefits from was very much in play. Are you going to claim that Russian nationals have not gone to help Serbia fight in Kosova? That the Milosevic administration didn't seek assistance from Russia? That there was no pan-Slavic sentiment between Russia and Serbia? Putin has certainly criticized NATO conduct in Kosova, and used it to justify his own invasions.