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  1. Well there is more proof of the former than the latter.
  2. mikey mikey


    In even less surprising news, Italy has been forced to keep up with the austerity. The EU enforces austerity, It won't be a few copy-cats in yellow vests with Brexit banners that will break up the EU. It will be the continuation of the squeezing of the population to fill the pockets of a super-rich class
  3. mikey mikey

    SEP rally to free Assange

    Very charitable of you. However, this was proven to be false since the travel records show, Manafort was not in the UK on those dates. Moreover, the Ecuador embassy records and survaillance video do not show any visit by Manafort at any time to Assange. This was widely reported as a dud in the WaPo and even as fake news planted by Russia to embarress the western media in Politico. She has aides and she would have been brought up to date on this. The only conclusion is that she is deliberately perpetuating the possibility that it is true after while knowing that it is not. Framing it in a question is an old propaganda technique: examples include "Did Hillary really run a pedophile ring?"
  4. Well have you been keeping up with the lthe revelations about Cambridge Analytica? Well now we have documents about the Foreign Office and the MOD funding a thing called Integrity Initiative https://ahtribune.com/world/europe/uk/2674-integrity-initiative.html It makes iteresting reading. BF has been posting some great items about this. Did you overlook them in your haste to prove that Manafort met Assange? You might wanna work on that.
  5. mikey mikey

    SEP rally to free Assange

    Echoing a false story. Yes.
  6. mikey mikey

    SEP rally to free Assange

    My bad. Part 1. I guess I have to get my big highlighter out.
  7. No, it seems it was something to do with British Intelligence. It looks increasingly like we did a number on your electoral process. You're welcome. Makes sense, after all we are your oldest enemy.
  8. mikey mikey

    SEP rally to free Assange

    Looks like this Icelandic journalist also read part 4 of that letter.
  9. mikey mikey

    SEP rally to free Assange

    Yep. Especially part 4. Any questions? BTW, did you know what kind of person this Senator is? In June 2013, Feinstein labeled Edward Snowden a "traitor" In September 2016, Feinstein backed the Obama administration's plan to sell more than $1.15 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia that were dropped on Yemen Just an FYI.
  10. Unless, of course, the idea was never really about getting to the truth but rather constructing a narrative that would worsen US-Russo relations: Which has been followed by the appointment of anti-Russian neocons like Bolton, Hailey and Pompeo into key positions. Whether or not Trump would have done this had he not needed to avoid seeming like a Russian agent/puppet is unknown but if he had intended all along to appoint them then the Resistance were wrong and he was always intending to worsen relations with the Kremlin. If not then the Resistance actually enabled and.or encouraged the appointment of Bolton, Hailey and Pompeo.
  11. mikey mikey

    SEP rally to free Assange

    Feinstein is citing the Guardian article that was fabrictated, publicly debunked and which the Guardian editor went very quiet about. This is another "estanlished fact" which has come to mean fabricated narrative. She is attempting to pressure Ecuador to expel Assange. Pressuring a country for a refugee's publishing activities is explicitly banned under refugee conventions. Hopefully De Leon will eat DINO for breakfast.
  12. mikey mikey

    Theresa May nearly got binned, didn't

    Much like your other Corbyn predictions....
  13. mikey mikey


    According to the British Cheese Board there are overe 700 British cheeses. http://britishcheese.com