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Roosters prove much more warlike than Queens

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They shoot horses, don't they?


A UK Horse Passport is a small booklet that:

  • identifies your animal by its height and species
  • states if your animal can be used for human food when it dies


Lucky Cheval was tasty, but ultimately unlucky.

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Roosters' discussion 5 February 2019:

MP,  the Roosters are 2019's ultra short-priced Premiership favourites currently @ $4.25 (rendering them unlikely to go back-to-back Premiership winners). But you can get $1.20 the field v Roosters, so they're not invincible, according to the Lads at Ladbrokes. The Stormfronters and Broncos are in equal second-placed favouritism several lengths back @ $8 the win.

But coming up firskt: the World Cup Challenge at Wigan's home ground. Ex-Rooster star, and Queensland legend, Adrian Lam coaches the Wigan Warriors (so there's the Rooster and proper Warriors link).

Apart from Lammy, Thomas Leuluai, Joe Burgess and Sean O'Loughlin, the Wigan team sheet looks like a bunch of Nevilles. The last time the Roosters clashed with Wigan was in 2014 when the Roosters 'B' team flogged 'em 36-14.  It'll be interesting to see who the Roosters fly over there (e.g. do you risk testing Cronkite's off-season shoulder-repair surgery or, like the Grand Final, keep him out of the play directing traffic and plays, or leave him fully on the sideline?)

Should be good but, as the 2019 NRL rolls ever closer:


How Robbo will motivate the Roosters for the 2019 NRL season is anyone's guess. So-called experts tell me if they have a relatively injury-free season, they'll be in the winner's circle yet again. I'm not so sure. When you earn a million bucks a season, other factors come into play. But if Latrell Mitchell, old man Walter Cronkite and Tommy Tedesco stay fit, who can beat them?  And that assumes Cronkite will actually play and not be a carried passenger only on the paddock to bark orders from backplay. Plus there's the 'playing at the SCG' factor this season.

While we got rid of Napa-boy before his sex scandal broke, there's allegedly another coke/breast video involving Mitchell Pearce, another player, and some pneumatic breasts (no poodles this time). Unbelievably and this is yet to be confirmed, Boyd Cordner allegedly filmed the shenanigans on his phone's camera and posted it online. We must ban WhatsApp (which app, Skip?) Obviously the key problem is technology, not retarded players' actions in filming these activities. Fair dinkum hopeless.

In last night's Stop & Chat #311,498 this bloke who used to work at the SFS (God knows where he's currently working, now that they're tearing that joint down, onya Gladys!)  He was telling me Jared Waerea-Hargreaves is the most decent bloke in the team now following the birth of his kid, mellowed him out, gave him some responsibility, made him a better bloke. Then this Rooster tragic shows me a picture of Jared's $100,000 fully customised Harley-Davidson motorbike. In other words, if this manchild is the best we've got then we're buggered. Also, if you have a fire-breathin' Harley death machine, surely you're at increased risk of crashing and burning. There should be a clause in their contract about motorcycles and souped-up sports cars rendering the contract invalid. Jimmy Maloney rode a Kwaka I think when he was at the Roosters. Madness.

Funnily enough, a while back when Jared's wife Chelse, baby Zahli and bulldog Butch went to Bondi for a dip; they looked like the typical family that plays together, stays together, although Jared looks like a fair dinkum mean Warrior:


Chelse with baby Zahli and Butch the bulldog at Bondi as Jared keeps an eye out for hoons to punch

Later on after Jared took young Zahli into the cooling shallows of the beach, I happened to waddle past and thinking he was a good sport, I yelled at him "Kick it to me" and he nearly did, then he put Zahli down (down on the sand with Chelse) and chased me off the beach (I'm faster than him over 20 metres in soft sand and I ran towards Beardy and his Lifesaver mates). Jared ran out of puff and I slunk away like the coward I am under the protective cover of Bondi 's Lifesaver boys:


"Kick it to me! ... KICK IT TO ME ... oh, sheeeeet

What a pussy.


Also Cuban Rooster randomness: http://www.enterthefray.org/topic/51728-what-i-learned-in-the-peace-corps-in-africa/?do=findComment&comment=1054642


Six Nations on yet?  Might be worth a squizz.  Also this: http://www.enterthefray.org/topic/51456-roosters-prove-much-more-warlike-than-queens/?do=findComment&comment=1046970


Snorefest of a Superbowel yesterday. Really mind-numbingly banal. Oh well. Lucky it was only 19 hours long.


Cricket? Naaah, boring. Although the Ashes are next, always good value.


I trust you're well MP. How's the EK going? Any more chainsaw mishaps to report?

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Mmm, that Rooster tragic I spoke to the other day knows his stuff (see post above) . . .



<puts popcorn in Micro, settles in for the bombshell to drop. Sordid? Crikey!>

<what most likely will happen is Boyd Cordner (if he filmed and posted the video or otherwise participated in it) will be stripped of his Roosters' captaincy, stripped as Captain of the winning NSW Origin Blues team and stripped of his Captaincy of the National Team (if he is indeed the current captain, although they tend to captain themselves). If Toddy and the NRL was to be seen to be fair, Boyd will be out of the game for a fair stretch (dammit) if he is involved in this "bombshell video". So far Ladbrokes still has the Roosters @ $4.25 to win the 2019 Premiership and BetEasy still has them @ $4.50 the win. It is yet to be determined when the video drops and the imbroglio ensues, how this may affect markets (I mean, betting opportunities 😐)>

<this may upset Rooster preparations for the World Cup Challenge at Wigan in 10 days' time (bugger, but even more betting opportunities arise 😂)>

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