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Conservatives set to lose Wentworth and majority government

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I was expecting a post about Victoria. 

Lyle Shelton is so mad. 

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Proudly brought to you by Lee Lin Chin   #primechinister

From the #primechinister:

"After the rout in Victoria, you can smell the fear in the LNP ranks like piss in a carpark stairwell.

Fear is all they have left, and they’re going to throw it at you by the bus-load from now until their certain annihilation at the upcoming election.

The only thing they fear is their imminent loss of power.

The Australian people have nothing to fear - apart from domestic violence - but the LNP doesn’t want to talk about that, as they're pretty dismissive of women.

So instead they want you to fear Muslims.

To fear Migrants.

To fear for your Job, to fear for your Home - hell - according to Scomo, you need to fear for your seat on the bus!

The Libs just ran on fear in Victoria, and that worked pretty well for them.


But that won’t stop Scomo, Dutton & Abbott - because fear is all they’ve got left to peddle.

They have nothing - no Energy Policy, no Climate Change Policy, no policy to combat the epidemic of Domestic Violence - nothing.

Just fear.

Fear of your vote.

So lets watch them squirm in fear like the maggots they are.

Pass the Popcorn & the Baseball Bat.

Bring on the election - as it’s time to flush fear, climate change skepticism, homophobia & navel-gazing-dickhead-power-obsessed politicians back down the sewer of fear they wallow in.

Image may contain: 3 people, text that says 'SHIT SCARED'
Onya #primechinister


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As I keep saying, the Liberals need to NOT learn from this election.  Just keep doing what they're doing. 

I saw a comment from a Liberal insider that pointed out that young people and women hate them. Which means their base are mostly older men, just like the party leadership itself. I think we can be confident that they'll stick to their guns, believing they'll be proven right in the long run. 

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I think it's interesting that the far right haven't done anywhere near as well in Australia as they have in other places. Even though Australia has a huge fan base for this stuff, the more they influence the conservative side of politics, the worse they do. I think it's all because of mandatory voting. A lot of average Australians maybe wouldn't care enough about politics to vote otherwise, but when they have an incentive to go to the polls, they lean towards fairness and away from bigotry. I wish more places had mandatory voting. 

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Yes indeedy.

Imagine what a grander place the US would be if mandatory voting was enacted.

Of course, that would impinge on their so-called freedoms "not to vote". Oh well, more of the same shit I guess. Same for the UK. Pity.


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At the G20, Trump asks Scomo:
"What happened to Trumble"
"Hah!  Nice one Scumbo"

Presidential indifference and non-plussedmentarianism:


Onya Scotty, another one off your bucketlist.

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While question time in the House of Representatives is mostly embarrassing, the unrepresentative swill in the Senate are doing their best . . .

Senator Jenny McAllister: “Given Mr Morrison has refused to save Jane Prentice, Ann Sudmalis, and Senators Molan and Gichuhi, but has today intervened to save Craig Kelly, how does Mr Morrison decide when to intervene? Why is there a quota for clowns, but not for women?”

Senator Cory Bernardi: “Point of order. You can’t refer to Members of Parliament as ‘clowns’.”

Senator McCallister: “The Prime Minister called you all ‘Muppets’!”

Senate President Scott Ryan: "Order! I actually couldn't hear the second part of that question due to noise from my right. So, if there was something unparliamentary, I'd ask it to be withdraw . . .”

Senator Bernardi: “Senator McAllister suggested that the Prime Minister failed to intervene in the preselection of clowns. It’s simply inappropriate and Senator McAllister knows. She should withdraw.”

Senator Derryn Hinch: “Isn’t truth a defence . . . ?”


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