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On 12/12/2018 at 3:27 PM, Cosmoline said:

Getting pissed off at Trump doesn't preclude anyone from paying attention to other things.  There are reports on all these topics, though what can be done about them at this point come back to the conclusion that most of these problems would be better helped by eliminating Trump from the equation.  Want better environmental policy?  Get rid of Trump.  Want to stop the GOP plans?  Duh, get rid of Trump.  Want job training or other relief for cabbies?  Well that sure as shit ain't happening under Trump.  Like it or not, he's the jesus nut of our world right now.  And he's in dire need of replacement. 

See, the problem I have with that is unfortunately everything. Because the problem wasn't people being pissed at Trump - it was the MSM's focus. And in terms of, for instance, the cable news, it is all Trump all the time. And Trump can't keep national attention. He just can't. I used to work for the Jenny Jones show as a youngling, it was the sister show to Jerry Springer. Now, Springer's been on for years, the appetite for it is indestructible - but only in small doses. Try to watch it for more than 3 episodes in a row. It starts to break you, mentally. It's junk food: delicious & naughty in doses a little too big to be healthy, pure nausea when you've been eating constantly for hours. Trump is basically Springer without a conscious. So when CNN & MSNBC cover nothing but Trump's tweets all day long every day for months and years people tune out. And meanwhile, as mentioned, real things are going on that could also be covered by the major cable news outlets, but they aren't. 

There are HUGE things going on in local state politics, nationwide. Some of them relate to Trump, but in ways that are issue-specific, and not covered simply by whether or not he stays in office. 

The other part of your post, about how everything is accomplished by getting rid of Trump ... is not true. Everything is made *worse* by Trump being in office, but the reverse - that everything would be made *better* by him not being in office - is not true. You get rid of Trump, it doesn't get rid of his administration. It doesn't get rid of all the crackpot bigots he's elevated into powerful positions across the country. It doesn't eliminate the energetically angry "movement" he's created.

It sure as shit doesn't reverse anything he's done since he took office. Why would it? How much of what Bush did to this country did Obama reverse? Not even Gitmo. Not even the things he guaranteed us he'd reverse. Whoever takes office starts from whatever bullshit the last guy left and rolls forward. There are always a few showy changes - Bush & Clinton & the Global Gag Rule, for instance. And the economy will get fixed by whatever Dem takes office after Trump. But it won't be fixed for the poor, and it won't include reparations, and it won't have any form of social safety net outside of GoFundMe accounts... unless we demand it.

And a lot of people aren't demanding shit except Trump removal. I remember Jasmine being displeased by how docile the Left had gotten under Obama. She wrongly thought that it was because we had our first Black President, and so people would not criticize him, and she thought that under Trump, people would go back to fighting for a better world. 

But that hasn't happened. Instead, the Dems who didn't fight under Obama are now just fighting for the presidency. 

Making a better world isn't going to be that easy. I know getting rid of Trump isn't easy, but realistically getting rid of the Trump problem is actually harder and one does not accomplish the other.

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